Replacement Canopy Roof Cover 10 ft x 20 ft (781893)
Carport Top Cover only (no side, no pole)

Replacement Canopy Roof Cover 10 ft x 20 ft (781893)

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Product DetailsCanopies Cover

Replacement Top Roof Cover Only (no side wall, no poles etc.)

    • Roof cover is sized to fit certain canopy frames: 3 m x 6 m | 10 ft x 20 ft 
    • Fits Costco ITM. / ART. 781893 / 496840 / 405094 / 122175
    • Costco ITM. / ART. may be found on the sewn-in label on your current roof cover
    • No tools required  
    • UV-protected polyethylene fabric roof cover
    • Dimensions: 20' L x 10' W x 5.6' H
    • Item Number: C00781893M

This fabric meets the flammability requirements of 
CPAI-84.  The fabric may burn if left in continuous contact with any flame source.  The application of any foreign substance to the canopy fabric may render the flame-resistant properties ineffective.

The canopy used with this roof cover is meant for a vehicle, boat, and other storage use.  It should not be utilized as a shelter for people gathering.  

The canopy used with this roof cover should not be used during heavy wind, ice, or snow conditions.  The accumulation of snow and ice on the canopy roof may pose a safety concern.  Under severe weather conditions, disassemble your canopy and store indoors.