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We were needing some way to cover our outdoor furniture and began with a large umbrella. That just didn't do the trick so we returned it and opted for this. However, before we settled on Sorara's, we saw one the same size at a local 'spa' place. The listed price (which included installation that wasn't an option to refuse) was $4600. I decided to go with this one because it was almost half the price and after building and using it it is almost exactly the same. The overall build quality is equal. The only difference seems to be this has no tracks for potential sliding screens/curtains. No biggie. As for building it, it takes 2 people to at least stand the two frame sides and then hold in place to attach the tie legs. Once it's standing, the rest can be done by one person. There are some 23 or 24 blades that get very repetitive but it's easy and just takes patience. Here's a tip --- ONLY USE A DRILL WITH A CLUTCH! The stainless screws are easily broken off if you use too much force. My impact driver blew off the first 2 screw heads. I then used my smaller screw drill with the clutch set to level 8 which made the rest of the build fly since I didn't have to worry about being careful. But it works perfectly, built very well, and I thought packaged very well. The shipper was a clown show having promised on 2 different deliver dates a 4 hour window they missed both days, but that's not Sorara's fault.

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I looked long and did a lot of research to pick a pergola for my patio. We had a bad sun issue and had to do something. I looked at traditional wood pergolas but i simply wasn't convinced that they would block out enough sun, as we face directly south. This system, which allows you to fully open and close the roof, was PERFECT. The assembly was much easier than I expected - took me and my wife about 5 hours to assemble, and we're no spring chickens. I did add an aftermarket roll-up shade on the western edge for late evening sun, and hung lights, but took this picture before that. It's really a beautiful addition to our home, and I can heartily recommend it.

Paul Joseph

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